Client Testimonials

Highly recommend Project Build Fitness, Perry developed a great program, tailored to my personal goals. Perry went above and beyond to create my program after our initial consult, researching into the role I was applying for and developing a solid understanding of my requirements. He is a genuine bloke and is passionate about what he does, 10/10.

Mitch O, One on one client

After a long lay off of physical training I was looking for a training program that would get me back into building some strength back and also improving my cardiovascular fitness. When Perry brought out the Hybrid program and explained the program it sounded perfect so I signed up.  The Hybrid program allowed me to achieve what I wanted to achieve which was get back into resistance training and cardio training. I improved my strength and cardio in a fun and challenging way learning new functional movements I’ve never done before which I found extremely challenging at times but also very rewarding. As a bonus the Hybrid program also sorted my rig out and I finished the 8 week program considerably leaner then when I started it.

Overall I really enjoyed the Hybrid program and recommend it from to anyone from beginner to advanced levels of training experience.

Lockie M, Online program client

“One of the most powerful tools you can have when setting out to achieve your goals is someone in your corner who wants you to succeed just as badly as you. Perry is a fantastic trainer who listens to those goals and helps you achieve them through a tailored program. He made sure I was on the right track and certainly wasn’t overbearing like some trainers can be. Couldn’t recommend Perry more, you honestly can’t go wrong.”

Lachie C, One on One Coaching Client